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The Africa prosecutors association (APA) is an association by prosecutors for prosecutors.

The idea of an Africa Prosecutors Association was conceived at the Africa Session of the 6th I A P Conference in Sydney, Australia, in 2001. Adv. M J Mpshe S C, who chaired the Session, undertook to arrange a founding meeting of an Africa Forum. In Durban RSA, Prosecutors gathered together an agreed to form an Prosecutors Association for and resolved to meet in Windhoek Namibia during 2003 and draft the constitution of the Association.

In September 2004 the Association was formally inaugurated and held its first General Meeting where it adopted the constitution and elected its Executive committee.

The impetus that led to its formation and objectives of the APA, amongst others, were the realization by prosecutors from Africa to improve international co-operation between prosecution services/agencies and/or authorities; the need to create speedy and efficient mutual assistance and asset tracking; the need to share expertise through common training and the development of best practices; the need to provide for adequate and harmonized legislative measures and finally the need to enhance African initiatives for purposes of co-operation and information sharing.

The Africa Prosecutors Association was primarily established by African Prosecutors who realized that a consirtive effort is required from Prosecutors in Africa to stem transnational organized crime on the continent.

The pioneers in the formation of the Africa Prosecutors Association were Bulalani Nguka, the then National Director of Public Prosecution and Advocate Mpshe, SC both from South Africa.   Adv. Mpshe, was elected as the first President of the Association. Countries that played a major role in the initial stages of the association were Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Lesotho, Egypt, Tunisia, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa.

The APA has decided to consolidate itself first before it can consider taking membership as an organization with the International Association of Prosecutors.